You've found your right hand duo team, here to capture your beautiful Dorset wedding.

HEY there...

We are Leanne and Beth, AKA Team Azura Gold.

We are big believers in everything happening for a reason. It's pretty magical how life takes us on these crazy adventures, that leads us to exactly where we are right now, including how and when we meet the ones who mean the most.🤎

We can't wait to provide you with pics that will make you smile every. single. day.

Keep scrolling down guys, it's only just the start.


meet us!

Two of us, means double the fun, and double the impact, resulting in a ton more of unique and special memories that will last a lifetime.

"Celebrate. Laugh. Create memories. Capture them (we can do that for you!). Treasure them. Love. And love a little more. You don’t ever need to justify having photographs taken. Memories are always worth it."


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Jayme-Lee & Sammi

We were beyond blown away with our photos. From meeting with Leanne, to the wedding morning, to the final hour we honestly couldn’t have faulted the photographers, we had so many comments on how lovely and fab they were! And the photos WOW! We will forever be grateful for these amazing photos to cherish.

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