AKA Leanne and Beth.

We are two souls who will guarantee to put a smile on your face, be your biggest cheerleaders & provide photographs you will no doubt cherish forever.

Let's dive a little deeper shall we...

Hey, I'm Beth...

Sunrise sea swimmer
Coastal roadtripper
Creative Thinker

I love photographing the little details, all of those personal touches that you have so carefully crafted together. You can find me sneakily capturing those natural moments of joy, the ones you will treasure forever, and people in their element.

I am the one most likely with the spreadsheets making sure you are organised, the one hunting for a drop dead gorgeous couple shoot location, and the one arriving as a little bundle of joy.

Hey, Leanne here...

Mumma of three
Golden Hour Lover
Total Foodie

I adore photographing the bond between loved ones. Those natural interaction's and sweet moments are exactly what I am looking for.

I am also the one most likely chatting away to your loved ones, showering you with compliments and making sure you feel your absolute best.

I will also be working my magic to get the little ones within your bridal party involved too.

I can't wait to see all the special moments unfold throughout your day! x

Why the name Azura Gold?

Azura represents 'Blue Sky' and 'The Ocean'. Beth's favourite season is summer, because of the sunny days and blue sky that mean more adventures, and her happy place is the ocean.

Gold represents Leanne's favourite time of day, as golden hour. Her birth month flower is also a mari'gold'.

Ta, Da!