Wedding Planning

Where to start?

Ok, so you are engaged! Congratulations! So if you are starting to look into the wedding planning process I'm sure the options you have available can be pretty overwhelming? There are all the decisions to make on what type of wedding you would like, the venue, the theme and just the general running of the day. Not only that, the cost can often be a deciding factor on what you choose for your wedding. 

So let’s talk money! I know, its’ that taboo subject that we all like to avoid. However, the cost of a wedding is often a big investment, and therefore important to consider everything involved. 

If you have a budget in mind, this can help determine where you decide to spend or save your hard earned cash.


Usually the first decision and also a big part of the budget, will be on the venue. Do you desire a rustic barn or a grand castle? Or would you prefer a church or registry office? 

There are the factor's such as;

  • How many guest's will be attending?
  • Do you mind travelling during the day or if you would prefer everything to be in the one location?
  • Do you want to go with a venue that will cover the styling and the catering, or are you happy to source these yourselves?
  • What time of year would you like to get married? Will you be outside or inside, weather depending?

Think about the option's that suit you, your preferences and your budget best.


Next up is the photographer! In our opinion, this is possibly the most important decision you will make for the day. But then of course, we would say that would’nt we! As wedding photographers, we feel so strongly about you making the right choice here. You will again, have a variety of options when it comes to cost. There will be more budget friendly options and then more high end choices. What you need to look at are a few things, as well as the cost. Do your research here.

Here are the 3 top things to consider. 

1) Do you love their work? Look at their portfolio and see what you like or even dislike about it. Do you like their editing style? Do they have more relaxed or posed images? What are your preferences? Can you imagine yourselves in the images that you are seeing?

2) Do you think you will get on with them? Your photographer will be around you and your guest’s all day. It’s important to have someone who is a good fit with you. Hopefully you can see abit about them on their website and social media. But we recommend digging deeper than that. Can you meet them or set up a zoom call? We love having a chat with our couple’s ahead of all bookings, as we understand that everyone’s preferences are different.

3) Do you want 1 photographer or two? We are a wedding photography duo team, therefore we work together at every wedding to ensure not a moment is missed. From bridal and groom prep in the morning up until the evening, you want to have everything important captured. Having 2 photographers helps to get the full story of your day, from all angles. Some photographers will also offer a second shooter, so this can also be considered if you wish to have 2 photographers on your day.


Now for food! Do you imagine having a 3 course sit down meal with your loved ones or a more relaxed buffet or hog roast? Feeding everyone is something that's worth some thought. You may have limited options depending on your venue so check what is offered there. If you could choose, do you and your partner perhaps have a favourite meal? Depending on the number of guests, you may wish to go for a buffet as a more affordable option.

The wedding cake. Do you like the idea of cutting a traditional tiered wedding cake? or perhaps a beautiful display of cupcakes or dessert options that your guest's can help themselves to? We have also known couples to have a rustic cheese tower that was then used with the crackers, bread and cold meat buffet in the evening. Delicious!


What it all comes down to, is what are the main priorities for you? Where do you feel your money is best going to be spent? Weddings can quickly become expensive, so make sure you are choosing to spend on what matter’s to you most. Is it the overall styling and look of the wedding? Is it the food and entertainment for your guests to enjoy? Is it your dream dress? Whichever it is, remember that most of these are for one day only. The photograph’s are all that remains, to enjoy for many years after the day itself. So whilst all of the details such as flowers, cake and styling is so special, they are able to last via the imagery taken on the day.

We hope this helps in some way!

Much Love,

Beth and Leanne x