We say absoltuely YES!!!

Many wedding photographers offer the option of an engagement shoot, either within their packages or as an optional extra. So how do you feel about having an engagement shoot?

We personally LOVE them!

Getting engaged is another incredible milestone in your life that we think should be captured. Life and all it's wonderful moments should be celebrated, remembered and treasured! Of course, we would be bias, but let us explain why..

It's time to break the ice!

We like to offer the option of an engagement shoot to our couples as we feel it is such a great opportunity to work with you before your big day. Meeting someone for the first time is always a little daunting, right? Especially when we come with a camera in hand! Of course we will always meet you for a coffee or zoom call before the wedding, but there is something so lovely about having the opportunity to capture the love and experience first hand how we work.

Let's say goodbye to those dreaded nerves!

Firstly, remind yourself that nerves are normal!!! We understand that being in front of the camera certainly doesn't come naturally to the majority of us. As soon as you see how we work, the prompts we use and the vibe we bring, you will soon realise it certainly isn't forced, and that it's actually really fun! Once we get going, the nerves will be gone and it won't even cross your mind! Having this experience will make you SO much more relaxed on your wedding day as you will feel comfortable, at ease and most importantly, you'll trust us to do our job perfectly!

A chance to celebrate!

If you are reading this, you are likely engaged right now. If that's the case, congratulations from us!!!! An engagement shoot is a perfect way to take a moment to celebrate where you are in life right now. Don't forget to enjoy this stage of life, amongst the planning! But this is exciting! So our question to you is, 'Why not eh'? Plus, you'll get some pretty awesome images to treasure too.

Take some couple time!

In the run up to your wedding it can be a lot of time spent in a whirlwind of planning so it’s important to take some special time out and really enjoy the whole process of getting married.  Take this time for you! Enjoy the shoot, and then cherish the beautiful images which showcase the love you have for each other. There is something special about having the images of your pre-wedding days to look back on. These shoot’s can be whatever you want them to be. We can go for a walk in your favourite place, have a picnic on the beach or anything that suit’s you as a couple. It’s a lot of fun, and more casual than on your wedding day.

You will be so excited!

You’ll be left inspired and even more excited about your wedding day! And most importantly – relieved that a photo shoot can actually be fun. The shoot will motivate you to look for more wedding photography ideas and that will result in having even better wedding images. As mentioned above - you will also know that when the wedding day comes – the photography is one of the things you don’t have to worry about.

Most importantly, take it all in, and enjoy it.

What are you waiting for?

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